New neighbors, check this page for information that we hope is useful as you move into your new home in Beauregard Estates

Welcome New Neighbors

Congratulations on your new home!  We are sure you'll find Beauregard Estates in Leesburg, Virginia to be a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.  We've all been the "new" person in a "new" home, and it's hard to know where to go and what to do.  We hope this page will be useful to you in getting your feet under you.  Please don't forget to send an email to the Board and let us know you're here - we'd love to meet you.

Your County and Town

Beauregard Estates is located in Loudoun County, and is inside the town limits of Leesburg.

Depending on where you've come from, this may be confusing.  For governance purposes, we fall under both the County and the Town.  Some cities in Virginia are "independent" cities, and don't fall under the jurisdiction of a county government.  The City of Falls Church and the City of Alexandria are two local examples.  Leesburg is not an independent city, so you must deal with both the County and the Town.


Since we fall under both county and town governance, we must pay property taxes to both entities.  If you've mortgaged your home, your bank will know to pay both entities, but if you are paying your own taxes, be sure to pay attention to statements from both Loudoun County and the Town of Leesburg.

Virginia has a property tax on vehicles.  This tax is also collected twice, once by the County and once by the Town.  Check the links to right for current policies, but be sure to register your vehicles with both the County and the Town within 30 days to prevent any fees or penalties.  Leesburg currently has a Town sticker which does not expire.


TV/Phone/Internet is available through Comcast Cable, Verizon FIOS, or any of the dish services including

Electricity is provided by NOVEC (Northern Virginia Electric Coop): 888-335-0500

Natural Gas is provided by Washington Gas: 703-750-1000

Water & Sewer is provided by the Town of Leesburg: 703-771-2750

Trash & Recycling

Beauregard Estates has curbside trash pickups twice per week, on Mondays and Thursdays.  Recycling is also picked up on Thursday.

Any container that keeps items from blowing around is fine for trash, and a Leesburg recycling bin will be given to you when you go to register your vehicle.

Trash pickup is fairly liberal, but if you need a large item pickup, you must schedule a pickup in advance.  The pickups for large items are on Friday mornings.  Register for a large item pickup here.

DMV & Voter Registration

Remember, you must get a new driver's license and update your voter registration either online at or in person at the DMV across the street from the Leesburg Outlet Mall.

Your HOA

As you should be aware from your real estate disclosure documents, Beauregard Estates does have an HOA.  Dues are collected quarterly, and there is a penalty for late payment.  Dues are very important to us all, as Beauregard Estates owns our own roads and sidewalks.  This means that repaving, snow plowing, and pothole repair is all our responsibility.  Landscaping and mowing of the common areas is also paid for by the HOA, and does not come cheap.  Currently, dues are $280.00 per calendar quarter, billed quarterly.  Prompt payment is always appreciated.

Please visit the HOA Resources page of this website to learn more about the HOA, your Board, and your rights and responsibilities.  Situations where you may need to ask for approval for exterior changes are covered in that section, as well as the process, and mutual expectations.  Should you have specific questions which concern the HOA, please feel free to contact the Board or our Community Manager.

Virginia Resident Concealed Handgun Permit

While honored throughout the Commonwealth (and in other states with which we have reciprocity), the Concealed Handgun Permit is issued by the circuit court of the county.  So, if you have moved in from out of Loudoun, you must update your permit.  The CHP is a "shall issue" permit, so the court must issue your permit within 45 days or provide a reason for a denial.  Information on CHP is general can be found here: VA State Police and instructions for renewal or application in Loundoun County can be found here: Circuit Court

Public Schools

Great news - Loudoun County public schools are excellent.  The mixed news is that Loudoun County is a fast growing community, with new school systems coming on line every few years.  Right now, Beauregard Estates is served by three very convenient schools, but redistricting occurs frequently due to the changing population.  Check with Loudoun County Public Schools to be sure where your child should report.

Utilities Links


Washington Gas

Water & Sewer

Comcast Cable

Verizon FIOS

Municipal Links

Town of Leesburg

Loudoun County

Commonwealth of Virginia

Virginia DMV

Closest "Move-in" Stores

Clicking the link will bring up a map

Home Depot

TW Perry (hardware)







Local Restaurants

All listings below deliver to Beauregard Estates

La Villa Roma (italian)

Hunan Cafe (chinese and thai)

Jimmy Johns (subs)

Local Newspapers

Leesburg Today


Washington Times

Washington Post

Washington Examiner